Bubba Kush Hemp

Updated: May 20, 2020

We have so many people ask us, “What is our best strain of smokeable hemp flower for relaxation?” We give them the same answer that so many customers have given us: Bubba Kush. That is exactly what makes Bubba our most popular and recognizable bud. We call it our ’flagship’ because it was the first bud that Charmed Hemp was known for.

Bubba is a real beauty, with huge, dense, dark green and purple colas. But the real show stopper is her smell. Boasting the coveted ‘gas’ terpene profile of many popular Kush flowers, giving way to an earthy flavor mixed with notes of coffee on exhale. Its potent, myrcene rich chemistry provides powerful, reliable, relaxation, from head to toe.

So next time you’re feeling stressed and need to to relax, why not have Bubba over. Always the perfect choice for a Netflix and chill session. To try some Bubba for yourself, go to https://www.charmedhemp.com/product-page/bubba-kush

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