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Tincture Me This

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Yeah, we like big buds, we cannot lie. Charmed Hemp has become known for its high quality smokeable hemp flower. But our quest for those perfect colas does have an ulterior motive. Starting with the best ingredients allows us to make some of the purest, and most potent CBD products on the market. We use these ingredients to make our extensive and versatile line of CBD oils and tinctures.

Charmed Hemp’s high quality CBD oils have gained a pretty wide following, from stressed students to grandmas with aching joints. Some customers even like to give our CBD oil to their pets. We use third party tested, 99% pure isolate, sourced from one of the same reputable cultivars that grow our gorgeous hemp buds. The isolate is suspended in our proprietary MCT oil base, for a milder flavor and better absorption. Charmed Hemp CBD oil comes in 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

In addition to our popular CBD oil line, Charmed Hemp has recently added a line of full spectrum hemp rosin tinctures. This exciting new innovation allows us to capture a much wider spectrum of cannabinoids than many of the other products on the market claiming to be “full spectrum.” Charmed Hemp Full Spectrum Rosin Tincture infuses oil pressed from hemp flowers into an MCT oil base, for a smoother flavor and better bioavailability. By including a wider range of cannabinoids

So if you are looking for a high quality CBD oil or tincture, at an affordable price, try one of ours. Find out for yourself why so many people are already using our oils and tinctures.

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