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Image by Ahmed Zayan
Lemon Octane (Indica) 20% CBD

Lemon Octane (Indica) 20% CBD

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Lemon Octane is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Zoe Therapeutics. Testing in 16% CBD and 1%CBG, this has been a crowd pleaser for us the last two seasons. Large, bright green buds covered in trichomes give the flowers an undeniable dankness. The nose is citrusy mixed with gas. This is a perfect after dinner smoke! Lemon octane’s terpene profile is testing heavy in Limonene, beta-Myrcene, and Guaiol making it a delicious smoke!

  • Additional information

    Indica dominant hybrid

    16% CBD

    1% CBG

    Very gassy smoke with hints of citrus and lemon peel

    Large, dense, beautiful green and light purple nugs

    Hand trimmed

    2% Terpenes

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