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Hash Blend | Delta 8 | Delta 10

Hash Blend | Delta 8 | Delta 10



Introducing our Hemp Hash Blend infused with the power of Delta 8 and Delta 10. Crafted to elevate your experience, this premium blend combines high-quality hemp with a unique blend of cannabinoids, offering a soothing and therapeutic effect. Perfect for those seeking a smooth, mellow sensation, our Hemp Hash Blend brings together the best of nature's bounty. Enjoy the rich flavors and potential benefits of Delta 8 and Delta 10 in every perfectly rolled joint.

  • Additional Information

    Each container has 1.5 grams of hash.

  • Coupon Code

    Use coupon code: hash at the checkot to buy 2 get 1 FREE! (must have 3 items in cart to apply) Mix and Match concentrates.

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