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Image by Ahmed Zayan
Royal Og Indica 18% CBD

Royal OG (Indica) 18% CBD

PriceFrom $9.99

Royal OG is by far one of our best strains of the season! Our favorite reviewer Shabazz loved this strain! It is an indica-dominant hybrid and the nose is loud as can be! The buds are large sized and sugary with a smooth smoke and clean burn. The nose definitely smells like a kush with slightly sweet nodes. It’s coming in at 20% CBDa. The terpene profile is beta-Myrcene heavy and has a good amount of limonene as well. Supplies on this one are limited, get it while the getting is good!

  • Additional information

    Indica Dominant Hybrid

    Lineage is Bubba Kush x Hempress

    Smooth, Sweet Smoke with Gas

    High Terpene Strain

    Show Stopper

    17 % CBD

    2.9% Terpenes

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